Pickle bouquets are a big dill for Valentine’s Day


Forget about a dozen roses—nothing says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like a pickle bouquet!

According to Taste of Home, Boston-based pickle company Grillo’s Pickles made the pickle bouquet famous, and it can be found in several grocery stores nationwide. Founder and CEO Travis Grillo told Taste of Home, “Not only is a pickle bouquet more beautiful than a dozen red roses, and healthier than a standard box of chocolate, it’s also far more creative.”

If you aren’t able to buy a pickle bouquet, you can make one yourself! Use a variety of pickles like dills, sweet gherkins, and bread and butter pickles. Also, mix in fresh peppers and other pickled vegetables. Skewer them and insert them into a vase with a little fresh dillweed.

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