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INDIANAPOLIS — After months of intense labor talks, the Pike School district and their teachers union have come to an agreement on a one-year contract.

The school board unanimously approved the deal Thursday night. 90% of the teachers union ratified the agreement on Monday. It will raise salaries by 5.2%, and give more than $1.2 million in stipends and handouts.

“It helped the middle year teachers. It helped the five to twenty-five-year teachers,” explained Chris Ludy, president of the Pike Classroom Teachers Association (PCTA). “Yes, absolutely it’s a win.”

The contentious three months of negotiations saw teachers rallies and some school day cancellations. Both sides are happy to be moving forward.

“Take the knowledge that we have learned. Take people serious. Believe them and going forward put our best foot forward,” said Pike School Board president Terry Webster. “We won’t have too many disruptions, and school can go on in-person because it’s certainly crucial.”

“This was not a contract that was going to fix all of the issues financially for our teachers, but what it will do is give us a first step,” added Ludy.

At some point in the future there will be another round of negotiations as this contract comes to a close. When asked about future negotiation issues, Ludy responded, “If there are, we deal with those next year.”