MOUNT COMFORT, Ind. — A pilot had to deploy his parachute after he lost control of his aircraft in November.

The National Transporation Safety Board said the incident happened around 8 a.m. on November 25 near Mount Comfort, Indiana. The pilot reported that the preflight checks were normal, but shortly after takeoff, he started getting warnings.

The pilot reported audible and visual gear unsafe warnings followed by the airplane pitching up and a reduction of engine power. The NTSB says the pilot tried multiple ways to fix the issue, but the plane was close to an aerodynamic stall.

The pilot ended up deploying a whole airplane parachute system. The airplane drifted down before landing in a retention pond.

The airplane at the accident site. (Photo//NTSB)

The pilot did not suffer any injuries. The crash remains under investigation as of the time of this report.