Pilot study tests groundwater contamination in Franklin south of former Amphenol site


FRANKLIN, Ind. – Beginning this week, Amphenol and Regenesis, hired by Amphenol, are working a pilot study on North Forsythe Street and Hamilton Avenue to evaluate a method to treat contaminated groundwater. According to the EPA’s latest information on their website, the study is looking at two small areas. If the approach is successful, they will use it to treat other areas of contamination.

The ground water is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mainly TCE and PCE. Regenesis is injecting a non-hazardous material into the ground with a mixture customized to the soil and contamination.

The mixture will go into small pipes into the ground along North Forsythe and near a monitoring well on Hamilton Avenue near Glendale Drive. The goal is for the mixture to stick to soil and ultimately take out the TCE and PCE from the groundwater.

The EPA reports there is no risk to human health or the environment associated with the pilot study. They said the materials put into the ground will spread around 10 feet in diameter, and the closest home, they said, is around 43 feet away.

You can find out more information by visiting www.epa.gov.

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