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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (Jan. 7, 2016) – Parents in Plainfield have created a private online forum to connect with each other as they continue to push authorities for the opportunity to answer some questions.

Parents say after nearly one month of continued online threats, they feel like they’re being left in the dark. That’s why many parents started an online forum. The group is now more than 800 members strong. It’s private. In fact, if you want to join, you must be sent a request. Parents say keeping the privacy is important to parents.

“It’s nice to be able to talk to other parents or just kind of throw your fears or concerns out there,” parent Amy Taylor said.

The purpose of the group is to create a platform for conversation among many parents dealing with the same concerns. They are asking Plainfield Schools, the FBI, and The Plainfield Police Department to hold a question and answer session to help ease their fears. Parents say they believe authorities are doing the right things and they understand police can’t give them details of the investigation, but they say they want reassurance and comfort that someone is listening.

“We just want to be heard and feel that we’re all working together, the parents, the staff administration, to make everyone feel comfortable when we take our kids to school,” said parent Kyle Anne Caldwell.

“You just don’t breathe until they’re home and you can touch them and see them and know that they’re okay and we live with that everyday and we have been for the past three to four weeks,” Taylor said.

After Monday night’s search warrants, parents say the online group doubled in size.

“It was utter relief to see them going into the homes and coming out with evidence and computers and we though this was it,” Taylor said.

The search, parents say, had a disappointing ending. That’s when the rumors on the site started flying.

“We’re just dealing with such a lack of information and that’s where rumors start because people are just trying to fill in the blanks,” said Taylor.

“People post everything that they hear or think and it’s easily misunderstood and it gets things going,” added Caldwell.

The FBI and Plainfield Police said they are looking into the possibility of holding a question and answer session for parents. When that happens, FOX59 will let parents know.

Parents said if their voices aren’t heard, you can expect to see hundreds of them at next Thursday’s Plainfield Schools Board meeting.