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GREENWOOD, Ind. – The mayor of Greenwood announced Tuesday that plans to build a $40 million sports and entertainment complex along I-65 and County Line Road have been canceled.

Mayor Mark Myers says the City, developers, and the Hallett Family have exhausted their efforts to facilitate a successful project.

“It is unfortunate that circumstances outside of our control have created an unworkable deal structure,” said Mayor Myers in a statement. “As those in commercial development know, with many parties working together, one wrinkle has the ability to create significant ripple effects.”

Officials wanted the Greenwood Sportsplex to be a regional hub for youth sports south of Indianapolis.

The project would have included two phases, with the first being a 175,000-square-foot facility that would have housed two ice rinks, two turf fields, five basketball courts that could have also been used for volleyball, a fitness/training facility, pro shop, locker rooms and food service facilities. The second phase would have included several businesses aimed at dining, retail and entertainment.

This is one of many projects that have fallen through in the City of Greenwood. The latest was in March, when plans to build a $259 million FedEx distribution center were canceled. Others include a proposed Cabela’s store in 2009 and another proposal for a sports and hotel complex in 2014.

Earlier this year, Greenwood unveiled plans for an “iceplex” at Freedom Park. That plan was scrapped after a public outcry over a litany of concerns about the project, including the potential effect on local traffic.

The site along I-65 and County Line was also announced as the location of Greenwood Town Center, a retail space similar to Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville.

Mayor Myers says he and his staff have “pursued each project at this location with rigor, diligence and the motivating spirit” and it’s time to move forward, roll up their sleeves, and get back to work.

“The City of Greenwood and I may have critics, but even the critics can’t question our persistence. Our persistence built Freedom Springs, saved Old Town Greenwood, and our persistence has Greenwood in the driver’s seat toward future growth and prosperity,” said Mayor Myers. “We will not let this, or anything else, divert us from that goal.”