Plea agreement reached in Bei Bei Shuai rat poison case

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A plea agreement has been reached in the Bei Bei Shuai case, court officials say. Shuai is expected to plead guilty to criminal recklessness, a class B misdemeanor.

She will not serve any time; she was given credit served for 178 days. Murder and feticide charges were dropped.

The announcement is a surprising development in the case, which was expected to go to trial in September. On Friday morning, court officials held a special session for reporters regarding court etiquette ahead of the trial. Jury selection was expected to begin later this month.

Shuai is accused of killing her child by eating rat poison while she was pregnant. She had been charged with murder and feticide in connection with the baby’s death in December 2010.

Prosecutors said Shuai ingested rat poison in an attempt to commit suicide, an act they claim led to the baby’s death.

Defense attorneys successfully argued that key testimony in the case was invalid. A judge determined that a pathologist failed to rule out other causes of death.

Defense attorneys said they believed Shuai shouldn’t be prosecuted because she tried to commit suicide.

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