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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – Plumbers are warning homeowners to make sure pipes don’t freeze amid brutally cold temperatures.

“If you start noticing things (are not) normal, then there’s probably an issue occurring or about to,” said Garrett Waldeck, with Mr. Plumber. “You should look for low-flowing water pressure – pump alarms going off if you have an alarm on your pumps.”

Waldeck said he’s been very busy this week responding to calls of frozen pipes and floods that caused property damage.

He says if you let a frozen pipe go and it causes a flood, you’re looking at a hefty bill.

“I mean it could be in the thousands, tens of thousands,” Waldeck said. “(If you think you have a problem) just get a plumber to come through and take a look and educate you on what could happen.”

Waldeck said the best thing people can do to protect against frozen pipes is to keep your faucets running. He added keeping your garage door closed can be more beneficial than you might think.

“Just keep cabinets open, keep garages closed, that’s a big thing,” he said. “People will leave their garage open and it’ll freeze the house pretty quick.”

Waldeck also said it’s smart to add insulation to any pipes that are exposed outside.