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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A new training facility is in the works for IMPD’s K9 officers and their handlers, and the public has a unique opportunity to help.

The public can purchase a police dog—a stuffed animal version! Money raised goes right to that new facility.

Two police dogs are available, a Belgian Malinois and a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Of the new training facility’s total estimated $600,000 cost, about 40 percent is raised so far. The Central Indiana Police Foundation is using these plush K9 sales to help raise the rest.

The public can buy one for a minimum $25 donation.

That money will help build the new facility so police K9s can be trained in the best way possible for all that they do.

“They can be cadaver dogs looking for bodies, they can be dogs that are focused on looking for a person that is missing,” said Lisa Rollings, Executive Director of the Central Indiana Police Foundation. “Finding drugs and bombs, looking for that kind of scent.”

The cost of a police K9 is significant, about $10,000. Added to that cost are their food, veterinary care and equipment, like bullet-proof vests and kennels.

“Our officers have great hearts, and their focus is to serve and take care of us,” Rollings said. “They leave their families daily to keep our families safe, and so they need to know that we’re out there supporting them.”

Click here to order a plush police K9.