Police: Attempted robber ‘feels guilty’, tells bank teller to push alarm

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GREENWOOD, Ind.–  A Greenwood man was arrested Wednesday morning after police said he attempted to rob a bank but then changed his mind.

Steven Tahu, 55 of Camby, Ind., was preliminarily charged with robbery, a Class C felony.

Officers with the Greenwood Police Department responded to the Chase Bank in Greenwood at approximately 10:45 a.m. on a report of an active bank robbery. Police said Tahu allowed everyone in the bank to safely exit the building.  Shortly after, Tahu surrendered himself to police.

During questioning, Thau told police he had been “down on his luck,” stating he just lost his job, his house was foreclosed on and his wife recently left him.

Thau told police he was homeless and had slept in his vehicle overnight in the Denny’s restaurant parking lot, which is adjacent to the Chase Bank.

According to Greenwood police, Thau stated he awoke the next morning and worked up the nerve to rob the bank.  The suspect, who was not armed, said he handed a note to the teller that read, “Give me the money, I have a gun.”  Thau said the teller started to visibly shake and cry, which made him feel guilty.

Police said Thau told the female teller he was not going to harm anyone and that she should push the alarm button.

Thau allowed everyone to exit the building, as he remained inside until officers arrived to the scene, said police.

Greenwood police said Thau does not have a criminal history, and his only prior conviction was an OWI in 2006.  He was transported to the Johnson County Jail on an $8,000 bond.

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