Police boost presence on Monon Trail

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INDIANAPOLIS — As the warmer weather brings more people to the Monon Trail, IMPD will boost its presence on the 10 mile stretch in an effort to prevent violence.

“You’ll see us on horse patrol. You’ll see us on bike patrol. You’ll see us on ATV. You’ll see us in cars,” said Officer Kendale Adams. “As the warmer months come upon us, you’ll see an increased presence.”

Last year, officers investigated a handful of incidents that included the time 64-year-old James Knapp got beat up while riding his bike. He told Fox 59 a couple of teenage boys jumped him in broad daylight on the City’s near north side.

“It seemed like he tackled me, and after that, the lights went out,” recalled Knapp.

It was a brutal beating that was not caught on camera, even though a camera was close by. That’s because that camera wasn’t working.

With about 100 cameras to keep an eye on, safety officials promised to try to make sure any broken ones were fixed as quickly as possible.

Police also recommend people use the Monon Trail during daylight hours and travel with at least one other person.

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