Police charge teens for middle school break-in

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They were hungry and wanted pills. That’s the excuse two teens used for breaking in to Beech Grove Middle School! How they actually got in to the school was a big surprise for parents and students.

Police say the 16 and 17-year-old burglars somehow climbed the side of the building, got up to the roof and climbed in through an unlocked window. Once inside, they ransacked the place, kicked in doors, and took whatever they could get their hands on.

“I’m really dumbfounded that they would actually do that, speechless really,” says one parent learning of what happened Saturday night.

Beech Grove police were alerted to what was going on thanks to numerous motion sensors inside. One officer was looking through a window and saw the teens in a hallway kicking the door to the nurses office. Eventually, he and another officer got inside and demanded the teens to surrender! After refusing, the officer sicked his k-9 on them and the teens were arrested and searched. According to the police report, Adderall and other prescriptions belonging to students were found on one of them, along with money, electronics and even a glass beaker!

Parent Amber Childs said, “That’s crazy. I don’t know how they came up with that. That just blows my mind.”

“It’s crazy, I don’t know how they figured out to get on top of the roof to the window that was unlocked, and why was it unlocked? I don’t know, it’s a little disturbing,” said parent Sharon Sullivan.

Police and the school district are working together to figure this daredevil move to break in to a school.

Improved security, even more than what’s already here, is the forward thinking. The superintendent of Beech Grove schools says they’re already in the planning stages of installing surveillance cameras inside and outside. They plan to take advantage of a state grant to help with the cost.

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