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AVON, Ind. – The Avon Police Department confirms the human foot found in a Crown Point pond did indeed belong to missing mother, Najah Ferrell. The FBI will now be examining the remains for any further clues.

The remains were found in early April by a man who caught it while fishing.

While police used a tattoo on the foot to preliminary identify it as Ferrell’s, they were awaiting DNA testing before officially confirming it belonged to her.

Police say DNA analysis by the Indiana State Police Lab has now confirmed what they initially gathered.

Ferrell, 30, was last seen March 15 at her apartment in Avon. Officials have found her car and various items that belonged to Ferrell, but still don’t know what happened to the mother of five.

“It’s a very disturbing a case of this magnitude. A mother of 5 just simply vanishes. It doesn’t just happen on its own. Somebody has some involvement,” Avon Police’s Deputy Chief of Investigations Brian Nugent said.

Avon Police’s Deputy Chief of Investigations Brian Nugent says as the investigators move forward they recognize that foul play is involved in this investigation.

They’re trying to figure out what led up to that moment of her death and are trying to piece the case together.

Police say confirmation of the DNA doesn’t change the case. They’re still calling Najah’s disappearance a death investigation until they have more details.

“There are other examinations and test that can be completed to answer more information to have a better understanding of what that evidence can tell our investigators,” Deputy Chief of Investigations Brian Nugent said.

Police says the Avon community has the right to be on edge as a result of this case.

“We certainly agree that there is concern about what took place. Does that make one area more unsafe in our community than another? I don’t believe so,” Deputy Chief of Investigations Brian Nugent said.

They plan to do everything in their power to find out what happened to Najah Ferrell.

The investigation into her disappearance is still ongoing.

Anyone with information that may be relevant to Ferrell’s disappearance is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).