Police: Connersville youth leader caught sending sexually explicit photos to teens

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A Connersville youth leader has been caught sending sexually explicit photos to teens on their cell phones. Brian Gilbert, 42, is now behind bars at the Fayette County jail.

“He knows him through 4-H because my son is in 4-H, and it’s sad that this world has come to what it has,” said Lori Osborn, the mother of a 17-year-old victim.

Osborn was the first person to contact the Connersville Police Department after finding the photos on her son’s cell phone.

“I had to sit back and calm myself. I was so angry at what I had seen. He is a 42-year-old man sending things like that to my son,” said Osborn.

Gilbert led the Mini Green Clovers 4-H Club, but he has since been suspended. Organization officials said they will make a final decision about his volunteer post after the investigation is complete.

“He had taken it upon himself to look him up on Facebook and contact him through text messaging,” said Heather Lee, another victim’s guardian. She did not know about the pictures until the detective on the case called her. Her 16-year-old family member’s name was brought up in conversations between Gilbert and police.

Police have identified four male underage victims who have gone on record stating they had received the pictures. Authorities also said Gilbert confessed to the crimes.

“He gave the statement that he thought 16 was an appropriate age to be sending those messages,” said Craig Pennington, the Connersville Police Detective on the case.

Pennington said there was no mention of intent. He also said the photos depicted nudity and different sex acts. Gilbert, who now faces 16 felony charges, was not in any of the photos.

“In reality, in my experience, this is probably not all that has been done,” said Pennington.

“If he can’t control what he sends on the internet, or on a cell phone, he is right where he belongs,” said Osborn.

The Indiana State Police cyber crime unit is in the process of reviewing the cell phone evidence.

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