Police department offers coupons, demos of home security cameras

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MARKLEVILLE, Ind. — A central Indiana police department is going the extra mile to try and get its residents to install home security cameras.

Markleville Police posted to Facebook this week, encouraging residents to consider low-cost home security systems you can now buy online with no  monthly fees.

Chief Tim Basey and his team have even installed two systems, Blink and Ring, in the department headquarters. Both systems work over WiFi and send videos to your smartphone.

“Part of being a police officer, (and) a police department, is being proactive. People think of police officers, you know, you go out after something happens, and we’re trying to prevent that,” Basey said.

Basey knows security cameras can be a big deterrent to crime, and in a town of just 500 people, he thinks these lower cost options could go a long way.

“I think people realize crime’s everywhere. … Even a small community like this, we have our share of crime, drug use, and things like that,” Basey said.

The department is using the Ring system in its new safe have room, which allows someone to lock the door from the inside and call for help. The system motion activates, or can be rung like a doorbell, and an officer can answer even if they’re not in the building.

Basey is offering free demonstrations, as well as coupons, to save residents money. He said the department isn’t being paid and they’re not salespeople, but they do want people to use every tool available to keep crime from showing up on their front stoop.

“I’d like to see everybody get one, and even if it’s not this kind of system, I’d like to see them get something installed,” Basey said.

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