Police find SUV; hit-and-run victim speaks out

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FOX 59 has new information in the deadly hit and run in Kokomo. Neighbors are shedding some light on the driver they say is responsible for running down and killing Christian Reede, 13, and severely injuring Donte Brown, 13.

Police announced they have collected the vehicle, they think, was involved.

Detectives say no one is in custody, but neighbors tell FOX 59 the owner of the SUV is the person responsible for the accident. The families of Donte Brown and Christian Reede say just knowing that detectives are confident they’ve got the SUV involved is a step in the right direction.

Police spent much of Saturday at a home in the Highland Springs subdivision. Cell phone video from a neighbor, given exclusively to FOX 59, shows a flat bed truck that was called in to carry away an SUV. It’s the one that neighbors think was involved in the deadly September 12th hit and run. Police would not confirm what was in that video, but did tell FOX 59 that an SUV believed to be the one involved is now in their possession.

Neighbors and Christian Reed’s and Donte Brown’s family say the owner of that SUV lives in the neighborhood, say he kept to himself and was quiet. Neighbors say they had no idea what was going on until Kokomo police had the house surrounded.

Donte Brown, the teen who survived the hit and run, spent almost a full week at Riley Hospital for Children. We introduced you to him just a few days after the crash. Today, Brown looks much better, he’s at home, but still can’t walk because of broken bones and rods in his leg.

“It’s been alright, just sitting in the bed. We went some places while I was in my wheel chair, we’re just rolling around,” said Brown.

It’s not the kind of life he’d like to have, after the crash that put him in this situation. It is a crash that Donte said is still replayed over and over in his mind.

“I feel like I’m back on the moped trying to get to my Gramma’s house, then the car hit us,” said Brown.

While Donte’s physical wounds continue to heal, he’s still dealing with the grief over his best friend Christian Reede who didn’t survive. But among the heartache, some hope when learning police discovered the vehicle that hit the teens. And Donte has this message for the driver.

“I can’t walk, I can’t run or play and my knee is banged up. My whole leg is broken in three places. I just want to walk again,” said Brown.

Kokomo Police have been tight lipped, not commenting on the recent developments in the case.  However, Christian Reede’s mother says she heard from detectives that new information could be released tomorrow. We will stay on top of this story and keep you posted.

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