Police give insight to high-profile murder case

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind.  (Feb. 18, 2016)- Investigators are giving a detailed look to how they closed in on a killer.

There was a break in double homicide case almost immediately.  Wednesday morning, investigators say Katie Giehll texted her husband, telling him that her uncle, Lucuis Hamilton was at their Zionsville home.

Investigators say Raymond Giehll III then tried to get a hold of his wife. After failed attempts, Giehll III used his cell phone to check their home security cameras and was able to see Hamilton in the home.  Giehll III drove home to check on his family and discovered his 31-year-old wife, Katie, and their 4-year-old son Raymond Giehll IV dead.  Giehll called 911 and reported that Hamilton was just at the home.

Investigators also recovered footage from exterior cameras that showed Hamilton’s SUV leaving the Giehll home.

“I’m sure he didn’t realize he was being filmed at the time when it happened,” said Robert Snow, a retired IMPD homicide captain.

A massive seven-hour manhunt took investigators through four counties.  Wabash College was placed on lockdown as detectives were able to figure out that Hamilton exchanged his SUV for a white, campus van.

“Any kind of evidence you follow it, and you follow it to the next piece of evidence, and to the next piece,” explains Snow.

Investigators from 19 different agencies worked this murder case.  Even TSA was alerted to be on the lookout for Hamilton, while his wife was taken into protective custody.

“This case demonstrates how well inter-agency cooperation works because this case unfolded very quickly and spanned quite a distance,” said Snow.

It didn’t take long to figure out a motive.  Katie, her son, as well as Hamilton were in line for a substantial family inheritance.  Investigators say the details of the family trust are complex but millions are dollars are involved.

“I just can’t imagine a person would be evil enough to shoot a 4-year-old child over money,” said Snow.

During Snow’s 38 years, he’s worked high-profile cases and has been able to investigate the mind of a killer.

“Most murders think they’re going to get away with it, they really do,” said Snow.

Did Hamilton think he would be able to keep these killings a secret or was killing himself was part of his plan?  Even though this may seem like a closed case, investigators assure there is still a lot of work to be done.

The white Wabash van was recovered in the Hilton parking garage in downtown Indianapolis. Investigators are processing both vehicles. Investigators have yet to release what clues lead them to the Hilton hotel where Hamilton took his own life with a gunshot to the head.

Coroner’s report shows Katie was shot three times, and her son was shot once.

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