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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – Several pedestrians in downtown Indianapolis had their mornings brightened Tuesday when money seemingly began falling from the sky.

At first, people started noticing dollar bills sitting on the sidewalk and street. Then, they looked up and saw the cash floating down from above.

“It just landed in the middle of the street,” said Michael Addock. “I looked up around the buildings to see if anybody had dropped it off as a joke.”

“I looked up in the sky and there was nobody standing around on top of the building so, it’s just a blessing from above,” he said.

A witness who called police pointed the officer toward the rooftop of the 10-story building located at One North Meridian Street, just off Monument Circle. The money could be seen blowing off the rooftop.

When the officer got up to the roof, he found a couple hundred $1 bills scattered across the roof. The officer found five partial money wrappers that read “Federal Reserve Bank.” Four of the money wrappers were dated Dec. 29. The fifth wrapper was dated Jan. 20.

The Qdoba restaurant, located on the ground floor of the building, reported a robbery on the evening of Jan. 20. It’s not known if that robbery could be connected to the cash found on the roof of the building.

The cash found on the roof was photographed and taken in as evidence for investigation. IMPD Detectives are working to find out where the money came from, and who may have left it on the roof.