Police investigating after two students get in stranger’s car

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MARTINSVILLE, Ind.- Parents and teachers in Martinsville are on high alert after two middle schools kids got into a stranger’s car Wednesday morning as they were heading to school. Officials say that driver made “inappropriate advances” on one of those students before they got out of his car.

“I’m really worried me that something like that could happen,” said Donald Smith, who was picking up his grandkids at Bell Intermediate Academy where the two victims are students.

“This is a pretty good community so you really don’t hear too much of that kind of stuff in this community,” said Smith.

According to officials, the car involved is a white or silver SUV and its driver is described as a white male in his 70’s. An automated phone call to parents from the school district Wednesday laid out more disturbing details.

“We are unaware of what this man’s intentions were,” said the automated call, “but he allegedly did make advances towards the students that were not appropriate before they left his vehicle.”

The students got away to safety, but it has left parents like Sharmi Bollinger, on edge.

“Your children are your everything, and to think that anything bad could happen like that is devastating,” said Bollinger.

School officials said they’re working with police, but couldn’t say much more beyond that. Martinsville police say it is an active investigation and one they’re working to resolve quickly.

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