Police look for man who impersonated officer

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan police officers say a man tried to get inside a woman’s home by claiming he was a police officer.

According to an IMPD report, the man, who identified himself as “Dewey,” parked his car outside the woman’s home in the 3900 block of Walcott Street. When she returned around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, she saw the dark green Ford Taurus with a rotating light on the dashboard. The man, a white male who was about 6’4” with a medium build and white hair and looked to be in his 50s, identified himself as an officer and said he “needed to speak with her inside her residence.”

The woman asked him for identification, and he produced a “golden colored badge,” the report said. The woman said she didn’t recognize the badge. The man identified himself as “Dewey” and said he was a retired officer.

According to the report, he again tried to get her to go inside her home so they could talk. The woman told “Dewey” that she was going to call police because she believed something was wrong.

The man got into his car at that point. He waved a finger at the woman and said, “Leave William alone” before driving off.

The woman got a partial license plate number. She believed the man’s statement involved a man she’d had “ongoing mutual issues with” in the past.

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