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The wreck looked disastrous. Witnesses tell us it should have been fatal.

They say the driver was barelling down one-way East Michigan Street, the wrong way, at 90 miles-an-hour and after the crash — when one person approached the mangled car — she didn’t think she’d find a survivor.

It happened downtown just after midnight, early Sunday morning, about two blocks from the Murat Theatre.

A witness says the car clipped the curb, hit a lightpole, took out two street signs and ended up tangled with a tree.

One woman saw the whole thing and says she approached the car and wanted to help pull the driver out, but sparks flying from a generator kept her at a distance.

That driver freed himself though, and then, unbelievably to onlookers, he walked away.

The crash looked so disastrous that when the first officers arrived on scene they called it in as an entrapment, before discovering that no one was even in the vehicle anymore.

Now, IMPD is looking for the man who left the scene of the crash.