Police looking for Muncie man accused of brutally beating woman

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MUNCIE, Ind. – Police are looking for a man accused of brutally beating a woman on Valentine’s Day. Police say 26-year-old Preston Wilson punched, kicked and pistol-whipped his former girlfriend. The victim’s injuries were so severe she spent several days in the hospital.

“I hope they get him fast,” said Harold Cross, a relative of the victim.

According to court papers, Wilson repeatedly abused her for hours. Wilson reportedly let the victim leave and threatened her if she went to authorities.

“She walked through the door here and I couldn’t even recognize her,” said Cross.

The victim’s face was bloody, bruised and so swollen it was nearly twice its normal size. Detective Kyle Monroe called the case one of the worst facial bruising he’s seen in nearly his decade with Muncie Police Department.

“I was taken aback. I don’t get shocked very often but this one took me aback,” said Monroe.

The victim told police the attack happened at a home on the south side of Muncie. During the investigation, police say they found blood throughout the home.

“She’s going to have physical healing that needs to take place but then the harder thing to heal from is the emotional situation that she’ll be in because this isn’t going to go away tomorrow,” said Teresa Clemmons, Executive Director of A Better Way.

A Better Way is a non-profit organization that serves five counties, offering a variety of services to help domestic violence victims.

“She’s also going to question herself. She’s going to struggle with how to go forward. It’s hard for anyone when a relationship ends. When it ends violently like this one did there are so many questions you ask yourself,” said Clemmons.

Last year, the shelter at A Better Way had three of their busiest months they’ve ever had.

“If they need help there are so many caring people who want to see that they get it so just ask,” said Clemmons.

The victim’s family tells FOX59 the 22-year-old is sore and healing slowly. Police are working quickly, trying to get Wilson off the streets and behind bars.

“(I’m) afraid something is going to happen to somebody else,” said Cross.

Wilson faces a long list of charges including battery, confinement and strangulation. If you know his whereabouts, call Muncie police at 765-747-4838.

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