Police looking to see if robbery, assault caught on video are connected to other Indy crimes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Security cameras captured a man robbing and assaulting his victim in the middle of the day. Now, the victim is speaking out to share his experience.

The incident happened last week on N. Talbott Street. Chris Corr says it could have ended much worse and he’s glad police made an arrest Thursday.

Coor was inside his garage when the man robbed him.

“I was talking on the phone with someone and not paying attention. He entered the garage around the side of my car and caught me off guard,” Corr said.

In the video, you see the robber walk past the garage and circle around a tree. He then comes into the garage.

“As he was coming around from the front of the car he had a piece of metal, like rebar in his hand. He never really looked like he was going to hit me but it was there. I think he wanted me to know it was there,” Corr said.

The surveillance camera didn’t capture what happened inside the garage, but it did pick up the audio.

“He grabbed my phone. I think I fell on the ground, still holding on to the phone for some reason. Eventually I got it out of my hand and ask for all my cash,” Corr said.

Corr wasn’t hurt. He was just shaken up.

Corr says the neighborhood has seen petty crimes in the past, but never something this extreme.

It has neighbors on edge but they’re thankful police made an arrest.

They are looking to see if the robber is connected to any other crimes.

“There was another crime the day before in an adjacent street in the neighborhood. It was actually a little bit more violent then what happen to me and based on the description may be the same person,” Corr said.

He plans to be more vigilant about the alley behind his house.

“He caused pain to me and my family. I know some people are wanting for things but what he did wasn’t the right way to get it,” Corr said.

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