Police: Man became ‘irate’ during dog investigation, compared himself to UFC fighter

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INDIANAPOLIS – Police say a man became irate, swore repeatedly and even compared himself to a UFC fighter after they arrived to investigate reports of a vicious dog at an apartment complex on the north side.

According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, a caller reported the animal early Monday morning at Lakeside Pointe at Nora apartments near 86th and College Avenue. The caller said the dog was on the loose and appeared dangerous. Two officers arrived around 1:45 a.m. and found a brown and white dog outside one of the apartments.

Officers secured the dog and called for help from animal control officers. They made contact with the residents inside the apartment. A man told police the dog belonged to his father and that he was taking care of it. He told police he was upset that they were bothering him about the dog.

According to the report, Jeffery Dale Tucker, Jr., 28, quickly become “irate and belligerent.” Police told him to calm down, but Tucker protested, saying, “(Expletive) you. I can say what I want. Just write the (expletive) tickets and give me my dad’s dog.”

The officer told Tucker that animal control would determine whether he’d get a ticket, adding that if he’d been responsible for the dog, police wouldn’t be at his apartment.

According to the report, Tucker took exception to the suggestion, saying, “(Expletive) you, I take care of my dogs, he got nothin’ but respect and love for me. I bet if you take him off that chain right now, I get him to tear your (expletive) up.”

The officer, believing that Tucker was becoming dangerously irate, put him in handcuffs. He yelled several slurs at the officers, the report said, and began yelling for his wife. Officers told him to quiet down because it was late.

“(Expletive you), this is America. I can say what I want, (expletive),” Tucker said.

The officer walked him to his patrol car. According to the report, Tucker wasn’t finished yet.

“You better not put your hands on me,” the report quoted him as saying. “I am almost UFC, (expletive). I will beat your (expletive).”

At that point, the officer had had enough, telling Tucker he was going to jail. Tucker asked what charges he would face; the officer told him disorderly conduct and intimidation of a law enforcement officer.

Tucker then replied, “Man, that’s some (expletive)… you know that stuff was hypothetical. You just took it the wrong way.”

Tucker was taken to the Marion County APC for processing.

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