Police: Man fires shots at teens in apparent road rage incident on east side


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Shots were fired during an apparent road rage incident Sunday night on the east side of Indianapolis.

According to the incident report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, a teen was sitting in a Chevy Impala with three friends while they waited for the traffic light to turn green at 34th and Arlington around 11:35 p.m.

She didn’t make the right turn because the intersection has a “no turn on red” sign, she told police.

A light-colored minivan pulled up behind her vehicle; the impatient driver began honking the horn and someone threw an object at the Impala.

The teen eventually turned, and the minivan followed her, tailgating and driving aggressively. She then told police that shots were fired at the Impala.

She was eventually able to lose the minivan and stopped her car at 1426 LaSalle Street, where she discovered the gas tank was leaking from where a gunshot had damaged it.

The Indianapolis Fire Department was called to contain the fuel spill from the Impala.

The driver and passengers in the Impala described the driver of the minivan as a “white male, chubby, balding with brown eyes and sandy blond hair,” according to the police report.

The minivan was last seen going east from the 34th and Arlington area.

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