Police: Man terrorized Indy community, used Facebook to solicit sex from minors

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 9, 2014) – An out-of-state man terrorized the Indianapolis Chin community and tried to solicit sexual favors from minors on Facebook, police say.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police revealed Friday that they had obtained an arrest warrant for Danny Cherry, 31, Huntsville, Ala., on 39 felony charges. The investigation involved detectives in both Alabama and Tennessee, IMPD said.

Detectives said Cherry’s harassment of the Chin community–an ethnic minority in Burma targeted by the military there with a large presence in the Indianapolis area–began in October 2013. On Jan. 4, 2014, IMPD said he fired a gun into a residence in order to intimidate the people who lived there. Two days later, police said Cherry shot a 41-year-old man in the head; that man survived his injuries.

Detectives said online posts led them to Cherry. They believe he created several fake Facebook accounts in order to solicit sexual favors from minors and used the accounts to threaten and intimidate members of the Chin community.

According to reports from IMPD, Cherry used pseudonyms to interact with teenagers and befriended them on Facebook. In one case, after exchanging messages, police said Cherry asked a teen for his address. The teen thought Cherry was someone else, and gave him the information. Shortly after that, Cherry showed up at the house. Relatives told the man that the teen was asleep, and he left.

Later that night, Cherry sent a Facebook message saying, “I came to your house and you were asleep. When I come back, I will kill you and your family,” the report said.

In another report, a 13-year-old boy said he’d been contacted by a young man named “Doisy” on Facebook. He said the interaction started out friendly but soon turned sexual in nature, with Doisy sending explicit photos and asking the boy for sexual favors. The teen told Doisy to stop; Doisy then said he knew where the teen lived.

“Someone knocked on (the family’s) door but his mother did not answer the door,” the report said.

The harassment extended to a school where police believe Cherry made threatening phone calls.

Detectives from IMPD Southeast District, Aggravated Assault and Computer and Forensics Units worked with investigators from the Indiana State Police and Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Huntsville, Ala., to find Cherry. Detectives traveled to Alabama, where Cherry was being held on unrelated charges, to further their investigation.

Cherry will be served with the IMPD arrest warrant in Alabama and will be extradited to Indianapolis. IMPD said the timetable for extradition wasn’t certain.

Cherry faces the following charges, according to IMPD:

  • Attempted Murder
  • Serious Violent Felon in Possession of a Firearm (2 counts)
  • Criminal Recklessness
  • Stalking (5 counts)
  • Child Exploitation (3 counts)
  • Intimidation (6 counts)
  • Dissemination of Matter Harmful to Minors (20 counts)
  • Obstruction of Justice

During the investigation, police also said Cherry confessed to an unrelated shooting in Nashville, Tenn.

Cherry’s sister is charged with obstruction of justice after police said she tried to destroy evidence. She will also be extradited to Indianapolis, police said.

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