LAWRENCE, Ind. — One person is dead after a police pursuit ended in a deadly crash on early Saturday morning in Lawrence.

Lawrence Police said the pursuit began when officers saw two vehicles driving erratically around 3 a.m. while heading north on Shadeland Avenue. Officers said the two drivers appeared to be in a dispute while driving.

LPD officers proceeded to stop the vehicles. However, both the vehicles took off.

One of the vehicles slipped away from officers, LPD said, and took off north on Shadeland Ave. However, the car ended up flipping off the roadway.

One person was thrown from the vehicle and was later pronounced dead on the scene. Another person inside the car was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The other vehicle was able to escape during the pursuit, police said.

Officers said they are still not clear on what happened that led up to the pursuit and have not released any additional information at this time. However, they did say that investigators believe there may have been a shootout between the two vehicles.

Crews were called out to the area to fix utility poles damaged in the crash.