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Update (October 7, 2016): A total of 56 counties have now been added to the investigation.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana State Police raided the Indiana Voter Registration Project as part of an expanded investigation into allegations of fraudulent voter application information in multiple Indiana counties.

The investigation originally involved Hendricks and Marion counties but has since expanded to include Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties, state police said.

ISP says the investigation into the Indiana Voter Registration Project began after they were tipped off by the Hendricks County Clerk’s office to inaccuracies in registration forms.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the business offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project, 2425 North Meridian Street, Suite A, in downtown Indianapolis.

The affidavit and search warrant are sealed for a period of 30 days from the time the warrant was granted, which was October 3, 2016.

State police say an investigation of this nature is complex, time consuming and is expected to continue for several more weeks or months.

“Some people are having the incorrect names, with incorrect addresses, or the correct names with incorrect addresses, or the correct names with incorrect date of birth and that will come to play, if you go to vote, they’re not going to let you vote,” said ISP Sgt. Rich Myers.

Important points related to this ongoing investigation include:

  • In accordance with state law, all voter registration applications received by Indiana voter registration offices are processed according to established policies
  • A representative sample of voter registration applications received by county voter registration offices suspected of being fraudulent have been COPIED and provided to state police detectives. In all cases the ORIGINAL applications are maintained by the appropriate voter registration office
  • The expanded number of counties involved leads investigators to believe the total of potentially fraudulent records may be in the hundreds, thus creating a potential to disenfranchise many voters
  • The possible fraudulent or false information is a combination of made up names and made up addresses, real names with made up or incorrect addresses and false dates of births with real names as well as combinations of all these examples.

Victims of voter registration fraud may not realize their information was altered until they go to vote and realize they are unable to do so.

Voters are encouraged to check their information at or through the Indiana Voters app. If you find something wrong, contact the Secretary of State’s Office at 1-866-IN-1-Vote (1-866-461-8683).

The voter registration deadline is Oct. 11, and Lawson believes the group will continue to operate right up to the close of registration. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Voters can register by going online or visiting their county clerk’s office. Hoosiers can also register at state offices like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or Family and Social Services.

Patriot Majority USA President Craig Varoga released this statement on behalf of the Indiana Voter Registration Project:

“After all is said and done, when this partisan investigation finds no wrongdoing by the organization, Connie Lawson and the Indiana State Police will have prevented 45,000 African Americans from voting in this year’s elections.  That is why today we reported their outrageous actions to the Department of Justice.”