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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 7, 2014) – Indiana State Police detectives are still sorting through evidence recovered from the home of a deceased Scecina High School teacher and coach.

ISP executed a search warrant at Brian Hawkins’ home shortly before his death on Sept. 23. FOX59 has obtained a copy of the documents, detailing all the items police recovered from his home.

Hawkins, 44, was killed after his Ford Edge hit a bridge support head-on in the 900 block of South Emerson Avenue. Despite his death, detectives said they will continue their investigation into allegations of voyeurism.

Police found more than 70 DVDs and nearly 50 VHS tapes inside Hawkins’ home. They recovered a black Sony Handycam, digital camera and DVD recorder, along with various digital storage media. They found micro SD cards, X-D picture cards and mini DV cassettes. Other items seized by police included handwritten notes and five cell phones.

Records show the State Police investigation began on Sept. 10. According to court documents, Hawkins’ girlfriend found a DVD with recorded sex acts. Police believe the women on that DVD did not know they were being recorded.

The girlfriend said they met on and dated for three to four months. She told police she decided to borrow some DVDs and found recordings of Hawkins engaged in sex acts with three women.

During the course of the investigation, police contacted one of the women in the recordings. The woman told police she never consented to being recorded, leading detectives to believe any other recordings of unknown women were done without their knowledge. Court documents go on to say both women expressed concern because Hawkins worked as a teacher and volleyball coach.

“At this point, I don’t have any reason to believe minors are involved, but I’m still sorting through the evidence,” said Detective Harris Smith with ISP.

Harris said he is still sorting through evidence, which includes recorded media. He also expressed concern about protecting any other potential victims.

Hawkins was never arrested or charged with any crime.