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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Metropolitan police released more details Tuesday afternoon about an officer-involved shooting that left a homeowner mistakenly injured around 4:30 that morning.

The incident started when the homeowner’s wife reported that a man confronted her at their home in the 3600 block of Foxtail Drive, pointed a gun at her head and demanded her car keys.

During a media briefing on the incident, officers played two recordings, one of the 911 call that preceded the shooting and one of the conversation between dispatch and the officer at the scene. Those recordings are below:

In the 911 call, the homeowner, identified as Carl Williams, 48, can be heard comforting his wife who sounded distraught. You can also hear the man give a suspect description to police. He said the suspect was a black male with a rifle or long gun, wearing a dark colored baseball cap, and a red and white jacket.  At the end of the call, the man can be heard saying “oh wait, is that him? Is that him?”

At that point, the officer involved, 9-year veteran Christopher Mills, drove up to the house with his lights off to conceal his vehicle, which police say is common protocol. Police say the officer then saw a vehicle in the home’s driveway which matched the description of the vehicle that was reported stolen. When the officer went to check the vehicle’s plates to see if it belonged to the home, police believe the homeowner came outside and the shooting took place.

Police say it was a case of mistaken identity. The officer thought the homeowner, who was armed, was the robbery suspect and he shot him in the stomach.

The homeowner was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive his injuries.  The officer involved was placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

Police have not found the suspect.