Police report spike in bogus bills floating around central Indiana

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Be on the lookout for bogus bills making their way around central Indiana.

“This is a problem,” said Lt. Michael Turner of the Shelbyville Police Department.

Shelbyville police say they have been fielding many counterfeit cash calls since January.

Investigators say people have used fake bills to buy items at local stores and police say some shoppers may not even know they are to blame.

“Most of the time, the person that gave the money to the store is not the one that is directly related to being part of the crime,” said Lt. Turner. “They are an innocent person that received the money somewhere unknowingly.”

Detectives have already confiscated hundreds of dollars’ worth of fake bills, but they believe there are more out there.

“They are coming from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or wherever. As money travels it just ends up hitting our area,” said Lt. Turner.

Police say the most common counterfeit bills they see are $20 bills and $100 bills.

To check your cash, hold the bill up to a light and look for the holograph or the face on the bill. Both images should match. Also, check for the vertical strip that spells out the value of the bill. If it is fake, call police.

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