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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police are searching for the thieves who tricked a man and picked his pocket at a grocery store.

Surveillance cameras captured the two robbers stealing thousands of dollars from the 68-year-old man at a southeast side Kroger.

“It just happened that quick,” said robbery victim David Griffin.

Investigators say the two robbers worked as a team. One robber was a distraction and supposedly told Griffin he had a bug on his pant leg. When Griffin leaned over to look at his leg, the other robber swiped an envelope full of cash from his jacket pocket.

“They were too smooth about it, it’s like they had it planned for weeks,” said Griffin.

Surveillance camera footage shows Griffin’s wife, Vickie, next to the robbers in the frozen food section. She saw the crime happen and chased after one of them.

“I had my hands on him. I put his arm behind his back and tried to get him to the service desk, but he got away from me,” she said.

The envelope had nearly $3,000 in cash; the Griffins had the money because they were out shopping for home renovation supplies. They are in the process of moving, and depend on every dollar.

“I am a cancer patient, four-stage cancer, and there are lots of medicines and food that I have to have special, so I was upset,” said Vickie.

Police believe this isn’t the first or last time these robbers have used this plan.

“This wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to do it again because they found they were successful so why not go out there and try it again,” said Officer Jim Gillespie with IMPD.

Investigators believe the thieves took off in a red Toyota Corolla. If you know anything that could help track down these thieves, call Crime Stoppers.