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Police say a disturbing trend is on the rise in Indianapolis.  It’s called pet flipping. Lost or stolen pets are flipped or sold on Craigslist for hundreds of dollars to new families.

Leisa Waggoner never thought she’d have a reunion with their beloved dog, Rosie.

“My kids were so distraught over the weekend,” she said.  “(I’m) so happy that we got her back now.”

Rosie’s electronic fence stopped working when someone accidentally cut the wire while mowing the lawn and she ran off.

“Then we started going around looking for her,” Leisa said.

Leisa also put a listing on Indy Lost Pet Alert. Then, something strange happened.

“After we finished, it went right to found pets and she was the first one on there showing found,” she said.

Rosie changed hands a couple of times and then she showed up on Craigslist for sale.  Someone was trying to flip Rosie for fast cash.

“People want to make a quick buck and think by extorting money from other people or stealing animals and reselling them for big bucks,” said Dan Shackle with the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Center.

Leisa confronted the Craigslist seller but worried about Rosie’s fate.

“Once she realized she knew she was wrong we were afraid she’d let her go in the middle of the highway, just get rid of her and that we’d never see her,” Leisa said.

In this case Leisa worked with Indy Lost Pet Alert and police to get Rosie back.  Now, Rosie is getting a chip.

“It is important to microchip your dog,” Leisa said.  “If we had done that we would have had her back without all the problems because when they took her to the vet, they scanned for a chip and we didn’t have a chip.”