Police: Suspect cuts man in robbery, victim’s son chases him down


Mug shot of Kenneth Swift

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Update (June 2, 2016) -- Swift pleaded guilty to battery by means of a deadly weapon; the other charges were dismissed. he was sentenced to four years in DOC.

MUNCIE, Ind. (December 9, 2015)- A senior citizen was beaten with a crowbar after he caught a thief trying to steal his truck.

Tuesday afternoon, Cathy Roberts looked outside and saw a stranger up to no good.

“I told my husband there’s someone messing around the truck and I said he just jumped in the bed of the truck, he just opened the windows in the truck,” said Cathy Roberts, whose husband was beaten.

Roberts’ husband went outside and confronted the alleged thief, Kenneth Swift. Swift was armed.

“I said oh my god he’s beating him in the head with a crowbar and he’s got a knife,” said Roberts.

Roberts saw her husband’s hand get sliced with a knife and his head smashed over and over with a crowbar. The 68-year-old man is at home resting.

“13 staples on the very top of his head and he’s got eight staples on the side of his head, he’s got six stitches on his forehead, and his hand has about 20 stitches,” said Roberts.

Somehow he was still able to grab Swift and hold him for a bit until he managed to run way. While Roberts called 911, her son chased after Swift until police arrived.

“This guy needs to be put away. If it would’ve been anyone else it probably would’ve killed him,” said Roberts.

After being arrested, Swift told police he was getting into the truck to try and stay warm.

“He’s full of crap, that’s a flat out lie. You don’t break into someone’s truck and get behind the steering wheel and try to start the truck if you’re just trying to stay warm,” said Roberts.

If Swift was trying to steal the truck he was out of luck because the truck had a dead battery. The 28-year-old has been charged with battery and theft.

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