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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (April 6, 2016) – Three teens were arrested in connection with a series of bank robberies in Hendricks County.

Police said the suspects were arrested Tuesday and are suspected in at least four bank robberies since March. The arrests included 18-year-old Kyle Rhoades, a 17-year-old male juvenile and a 16-year-old female juvenile, police said. The teens used the money to buy clothes, shoes and marijuana, investigators said. They also used some of the cash to pay for a trip to Florida.

“I think this would have continued,” said Plainfield Police Detective Jeff Stephens.  “I don’t know that to be fact, but I believe it would have continued because it was easy money for them, they felt.  And they thought they were getting away with it, and would continue to get away with it.”

Plainfield police and other agencies investigated the thefts, which included two robberies in Plainfield, one in Clayton and another in Danville. In each case, investigators released surveillance photos of a suspect.

“They did not show a weapon, did not display a weapon and there was no weapon implied,” Stephens said.  “They just presented notes and, of course, were given money and they left the bank.”

Stephens said the teens seemed to be careful about picking banks to target, based on access for an easy getaway.

“They would ditch the clothing they were wearing at the time of the robbery,” Stephens said.  “So if you did see them they wouldn’t be wearing the same clothing.”

Investigators say the teens used a silver Kia Soul and a gold Chevy Malibu in the robberies.

Investigators said Rhoades is officially charged in one of the robberies and suspected in three of them. The juveniles pulled off one of the robberies–the one on March 23 in Clayton–without him, police said. It’s also possible that a fourth suspect could be arrested.

The first robbery happened on March 4 at Plainfield Citizens Bank. In that case, $10,000 was stolen. On March 9, North Salem Bank in Danville was robbed.

On March 23, two people entered PNC Bank in Clayton and demanded money before leaving with cash. And on Monday, Plainfield police reported a robbery at First National Bank on West Main Street.

During one of the robberies, police said the female juvenile was supposed to be babysitting her young siblings; instead, they sat in the car while she pulled off the theft.

Investigators said the trio moved around a lot and slept in cars and a hotel.

Multiple tips from the public helped police track the suspects to Crown Plaza Apartments, where the girl lived with her father and grandmother.  Police located the Kia leaving the apartment complex and arrested the two juveniles.  Investigators then knocked on the door of the 16-year old’s grandmother.  The grandmother gave permission for police to enter and search the apartment.

Police say they found Rhoades sleeping on a couch in the apartment.  He still had a wad of money in his back pocket from one of the bank robberies, Stephen said.

Randy and Angie Brown, of Avon, said Kyle Rhoades used to cut their grass when he lived next door to them with his mother and older sister.  They said Rhoades was a nice boy, but seemed to be socially awkward at times.

“He just seemed to be a shy kid,” Randy Brown said.  “I guess we’re not surprised he got in with the wrong crowd though.”

“We noticed he didn’t go to school a lot,” Angie Brown said.  “I would notice that he was home when he should have been in school, or walking around the neighborhood and stuff like that.”