Police train for tragedy in Clinton County

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It’s training day for Clinton County and Frankfort police officers.

At the Indiana National Guard Armory, officers trained for an active shooter scenario at a school.

“We want them to have an idea of what it could really be like,” said Deputy Sheriff Dan Roudebush about Thursday’s exercise.

“There’s no ‘do-overs’ in a situation like this. If something needs to be tweaked or changed this is the time to do it,” said Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon.

Bacon said his department and Clinton County officers have had similar training sessions over the years, and this exercise has been scheduled for some time. Still, it took on added importance after last month’s school shooting in Connecticut, which brought the importance of preparation to the forefront.

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes said the training is crucial.

“We live in a very unstable world and public safety is of utmost importance in this community. You can never be too prepared,” McBarnes said.

Officers participating in the training learned that in an active shooter situation, every second counts.

“Police departments around the country changed their response to these types of situations after Columbine and we realized we can’t wait,” Bacon said. “We have to go in and that’s what we have to instill in all of our officers that you have to go in and you have to find that threat and stop that threat as quickly as possible.”

It’s training officers hope they never have to use, but they believe it is absolutely necessary for them to know should tragedy strike.

“In a stressful situation, you revert back to the training you’ve received and that’s why it’s so important to have this training,” Bacon said.

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