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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 23, 2015) – A night out to eat turned terrifying and a morning breakfast spot was targeted an hour before opening in Indy this week.

Restaurants are seemingly becoming the bull’s eye on the target for thieves.

Police are still searching for four men: three held up a popular Broad Ripple restaurant, the other targeted a Panera Bread store on 82nd Street.

Business is back, “We like Binkley’s and it’s on our way home,” said one diner leaving the restaurant.

Business was booming in fact at Binkley’s.

“I said ok, we’ll eat at Binkley’s, didn’t say a word to her about it, she sent me the news thing about it being robbed and I said I figure it’s the safest place to eat in town this weekend,” said another diner.

That was a big assumption less than 48 hours after three robbers held up the popular Broad Ripple restaurant at gunpoint. The masked men ordered diners and employees on the ground, before fleeing with cash.

And on 82nd Street in Castleton, a Panera Bread restaurant had an attempted robber follow a delivery driver in the back door.

“They’re definitely bold statements by these individuals,” said IMPD Officer Rafael Diaz.

Not the quick, quiet, robbery you may be used to, police are now having to figure out why such bold moves are being made, by such brazen robbers.

“They’re going to look for a vulnerable victim. So right now, our investigators are still trying to figure out how a restaurant fits into the vulnerabilities,” said Diaz.

But for these restaurants, for now, it’s back to business.

“I was just saying to my husband that, that looks like it didn’t keep people away tonight, so it’s a good thing, yes,” said one diner.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying who is responsible for the restaurant robberies. If you have any information that may lead to an arrest, call Crime Stoppers at (317)262-TIPS.