A little March Madness at school reform rally

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There was a little March Madness at the state capitol Monday. Former Fab-Fiver and Indiana Pacer Jalen Rose made a fast break for school reform in Indiana.

“Demand quality schools, demand the opportunity for your young men and young women to be educated at a high level,” said Rose.

Rose also puts his money where his mouth is and took action in Michigan.

“That’s why I started a tuition free public charter high school in the City of Detroit my hometown,” Rose said.

Rose was also backed by one of the most powerful Hoosiers in Indiana—Gov. Mike Pence.

“Ed Reform Rocks” is a movement designed to help motivate lawmakers and parents to keep pushing for school choice Indiana and to support the $36 million in subsidies to send more than 9,000 lower income students to private schools.

“Indiana has the fastest growing choice scholarship program in America,” Gov. Pence said.

But not every educator was cheering at this rally.

“It just seems a little bit ahead of the game to be expanding the voucher component,” said Teresa Meredith with the Indiana State Teachers Association.

She says public money should stay in public schools especially when the State Supreme Court is currently deciding if the state’s voucher program is legal.

“We would hope the court would side with the Indiana school children and say we need to be investing in stronger better public schools,” Meredith said.

But the governor says education reform in Indiana is here to stay.

“Until great schools are the norm for every community in our state,” he said.

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