Ballard moderating panel aimed at sustainability, saving money

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 5, 2014) — Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard will moderate a panel on sustainability and green technologies in heavy machinery at the Work Truck Show downtown Wednesday.

The panel, which features nine of the largest truck manufacturers and distributors in the world, kicks off at 8 a.m. in the Indiana Convention Center.

“As the mayor has long said, the dependence on foreign oil has made our country vulnerable,” said Marc Lotter, the mayor’s spokesperson.  “We’ve had to change our foreign policy and sometimes go to war over maintaining our access to oil or maintaining shipping lanes for oil.  Now, with new modern technology, that’s not necessary anymore.”

In December 2012, Ballard publicly declared his plan to move the city’s entire fleet off gasoline and onto alternative, domestically produced fuels and technologies.

“Even though we might pay a little bit of a higher cost up front [for green vehicles,] over the long term use of that car we could save thousands of dollars,” Lotter said.  “When you look at an entire fleet the size of the city’s, that would be millions of dollars in taxpayer money that could be saved.”

The Work Truck Show, run by the National Truck Equipment Association, runs from March 5-7 at the Indiana Convention Center.

“This convention is the one time of year when all the manufacturers, distributors, fleet managers and up-fitters of this equipment come together to see what the newest innovations are in the industry,” said the NTEA’s Steve Carey.

Attendees will not only be able to look at work trucks that use new green technologies, but they’ll have a chance to ride in at least 20 of them as well.

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