Big Red Liquors rolls out Lifeline Law campaign

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Senator Jim Merritt and Big Red Liquors are working together to help spread information about the state’s Lifeline Law.

Starting Thursday, Big Red Liquors began displaying posters about the law and employees handed out flyers with information to their customers.

The law prevents minors under the influence of alcohol from being prosecuted for posession or consumption if they call for help and stay with a friend who needs medical attention.

“We think we’re in a position to help and if we can have one person, just one person, to make a better decision than that’s enough,” said Matt Colglazier, Director of Media and Promotions for Big Red Liquors.

Customers will notice the signs and flyers at their 13 stores in Bloomington.

“I think any parent who sends their kid off has a lot of anxiety built up around that to begin with. Something like this, we want to make sure it’s a sensible law,” said Colglazier. “So, be sensible. If you think, ever, there’s any question somebody might need help, make a phone call that’s all you have to do.”

“I think it’s a great idea just because it allows students to, basically, not have that prejudged conception that they might go to jail or be prosecuted, if they take their friend, who is in need of medical assistance, to the hospital,” said TJ Berry.

Berry, 24, did not know about the law until now. He was not the only student, who did not know about the law.

“I did not know about this law at all,”  said IU Senior Lucas Malone.

Another student said he supported the idea behind the law.

“After what happened last week, I think it’s real important that people call and get help, if something happens to anybody. They shouldn’t be afraid to get in trouble when someone’s life is at stake,” said Zoul Ballman.

Ballman was referring to IU freshman Rachael Fiege. She died after falling down a staircase at an off campus party. Police officers said no one called for help until hours later. Detectives have not said whether alcohol was involved, however.

“Especially with this, kids will definitely, immediately call and not take any chances,” said Ballman.

If you would like more information about the Indiana Lifeline Law, visit:

“I think it’s a great law and I think, especially raising awareness around college campuses, it is going to help a lot of people,” said Malone.

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