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INDIANAPOLIS – On this week’s edition of IN Focus, we sit down with two of the Republican candidates running to represent Indiana’s 4th congressional district.

In a field of several potential candidates, Diego Morales and Steve Braun have led the way in early fundraising.

Morales, a former aide to then-Gov. Mike Pence, is seeking elected office for the first time, while Braun recently left his post as commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development to run for Congress.

Braun also served as a state representative for one term before being appointed by Pence to head the DWD.

In the video above, Braun discusses his decision to run for Congress, and his experience in the public and private sector.

In the video below, Morales discusses his position on immigration, and talks about his background in the military and other public service roles.

On the issue of immigration, the candidates responded this week to the tragic events in New York City and the President’s call to put an end to the diversity visa lottery that allowed the suspect to enter the United States.

The most recent candidate to enter the race, State Rep. Jim Baird (R-Greencastle), was the first to issue a statement on that issue on Thursday.

“Ending the diversity visa lottery will make America safer. It is time to stop playing political games with our immigration policy while terrorists take advantage of loopholes,” Baird said. “I agree with President Trump, we need a merit-based system that brings people to our country who are trying to achieve the American Dream. I will demand Congress pass immigration policy that puts American safety first and require extreme vetting of anyone trying to get into our country.”

Braun and Morales echoed those sentiments in written statements on Friday after a request for comment.

“I join President Trump in calling for the immediate suspension of the diversity lottery program. It is not in our national interest to open our borders randomly,” said Braun.
“The diversity lottery program runs counter to having a coherent and strategic immigration policy and system, and this week’s horrific terrorist attack in New York City only magnifies the insecure opening it provides.”

Morales also shared his thoughts in a written statement on Friday:

“From day one, President Trump has been committed to protecting our great nation by fighting and eliminating terrorism. As a military veteran, I fully support President Trump in every action he takes to keep us safe and secure by utilizing our unsurpassed military presence, increasing border security, and more tightly controlling immigration including ending the diversity visa lottery. National Security will continue to be my top priority.”