Candidate running for Congress in multiple states admits he’s never been to Indiana

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A political candidate from Florida is running for congress in three different states, including Indiana.

Erin Kent Magee is running in the Republican primary for congress, for the seat held now by Andre Carson, who is seeking re-election this year in the 7th district.

But Magee is also running for senate in Tennessee, and he filed paperwork to run for congress in Florida, where he lives.

FOX59 spoke with Magee on Friday from his home in Florida, and during that conversation, he admitted he’s never even been to Indiana.

“I never actually have been to Indiana,” said Magee. “I don’t think a federal candidate should be ruled out because he’s not a resident of the state he’s running in.”

“I think it’s wrong for anyone to create chaos and confusion, that’s all this is is someone to trying to mess with the system to confuse voters, and it’s wrong,” said Joel Miller, chairman for the Marion County Democrats.

But apparently not illegal, since elections are all administered by the states and not by the federal government.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has said states can’t add eligibility rules for Congress to those spelled out in the Constitution,” said Valerie Kroeger with the secretary of state’s office. “Candidates are only required to be a resident of the state on Election Day, so he just needs to be a resident of Indiana on Election Day.”

“A candidate for U.S. Representative or Senator does not just represent a district or a state, he represents all Americans,” said Magee, who also tried to run for President in 2012. “I’m a veteran with 10 years of prior federal service so the idea of moving to another state for a job is not really strange to me.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” said Miller. “I think something should be done to deal with this kind of thing.”

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