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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– City-County Council President Stephen Clay could soon be removed from office. In the meantime, he faces legal action.

Friday, a judge reviewed a request for a restraining order which seeks to reverse the firing of the council clerk and council attorney. Both employees were let go by Clay two weeks ago.

This comes amid a lawsuit filed by several members of the council, alleging Clay violated state law and municipal code by firing the clerk and attorney.

It also accuses clay of causing “chaos” within the council. Clay claims the firings were part of his transition as the new president.

The judge granted the plaintiffs, who are the council members opposed to the recent employee firings, a Parliamentarian to advise both sides on Monday’s motion to remove Council President Clay.

Clay published the council agenda Friday morning but did not place the motion to remove on the agenda. However, because the motion to remove Clay was previously raised in council, other council members can, and are expected to, bring up a vote on Clay’s removal during Monday’s meeting.