Ethics committee finds Turner didn’t break any rules

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Eric Turner, R-Cicero, has been cleared by a House Ethics committee, which met Wednesday to make its final decision on the complaint filed against Turner earlier this year.

“It is our conclusion that the facts as outlined in Speaker Bosma’s correspondence do not allege, nor does our investigation reveal, facts sufficient to constitute a rule, code or statutory violation,” read the final committee report. “While the Committee does not find that a technical violation has occurred, we are concerned that Rep. Turner’s actions have not achieved the highest spirit of transparency.”

Turner was accused of using his influence to stop a bill that could have potentially lost millions of dollars for his family business. In the final days of this year’s legislative session Turner reportedly lobbied fellow Republicans during a caucus session to kill a bill that would have put a moratorium on new nursing homes. Turner’s family owns a nursing home business.

Turner was not present at the hearing Wednesday or last week, but did submit responses to written questions from committee members.  However, he did release the following statement:

“I’m very appreciative of the House Ethics Committee’s decision and clearing my record of service in the Indiana House of Representatives. The Ethics Committee voted unanimously that my brief comments regarding my expertise on the nursing home moratorium issue during the 2014 Legislative Session were consistent with House Rules and the House Code of Ethics.

I fully support the recommendation from the House Ethics Committee to further examine disclosure requirements in the coming months. In fact, I willingly provided greater transparency in my answers to the Committee’s interrogatories.

I always believed I acted clearly within the House rules and the House Code of Ethics while offering my expertise on a particular issue. A core function of a citizen legislature is for members to bring their expertise to share with other members of the General Assembly. I offered my expertise on the nursing home moratorium in caucus because I have been involved in the industry as a passive investor in senior care real estate for many years.

For 24 years, it has been an honor to serve the residents of House District 32 and I look forward to continuing to represent constituents and communities throughout my district in the next session of the Indiana General Assembly.”

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