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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb showed FOX59 a part of his world the public has rarely seen before.

“This is one of my favorites,” Holcomb said pointing to a poster and signature from former President John F. Kennedy.

Holcomb has spent the past two decades collecting presidential signatures, including the documentation to authenticate the signature is the real deal.

The hunt, Holcomb said, has become as thrilling as the get itself which has sometimes included high-stakes bids with people from across the country and potentially even the world.

“You never know if this is an FDR family member, a school, a foundation or some guy like me sitting in their basement,” he said.

And the governor has had great success, collecting all but one signature to line the walls of the residence.

“This is a placeholder,” he said. “I do not have George Washington, so the only one I’m missing is the first president.”

Asked if he’s confident he’ll get it?

“Before I die,” he responded.