Gov. Pence trip to Israel brings chance for more national attention

Gov. Pence pleased with results of this year’s legislative session

FOX59’s Dan Spehler has a wrap-up of this year’s session

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This Christmas holiday, Governor Mike Pence is in Israel, celebrating Christmas with his family ahead of a three-day jobs mission next week where he’ll meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I think strengthening our relationship with people of Israel, particularly in these times, is a great privilege for me,” said Pence in an interview with FOX59 earlier this month. “And the opportunity for my little family to be in the Holy Land at Christmas is something we’ll cherish the rest of our lives.”

Still some experts think it’s another way for the governor to position himself as a possible candidate for president.

“I actually think the governorship is the perfect launching position for the Presidency because you’re in an executive position (and) he has capitalized on that in terms of his international trips as well,” said Kristina Sheeler, a political communications expert and associate professor at IUPUI. “It’s certainly significant. It’s going to allow him to be pictured doing the economic work of the state of Indiana and potentially the country… let’s face it, the opportunity for him to look like a diplomat, like a President, get a lot of positive press, certainly isn’t a bad thing at this point in the election cycle.”

But the governor himself still won’t say if a run for president is really in the works.

“I’m going to stay focused on the people of this state and we’ll let my future take care of itself,” said Pence, who promised a decision sometime in the spring after the legislative session.

Governor Pence wishes Hoosiers a merry Christmas:

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