Hoosier leaders respond to President’s election questions


INDIANAPOLIS – Cries of election fraud are leading to confusion and a lack of trust in our process. Several Indiana leaders have responded to President Donald Trump’s claims of wrongdoing.

The President is well within his rights to pursue legal action right now however, he is breaking political norms by making accusations before an official investigation is complete.

Experts say this could be problematic for years to come.

“I suspect that a good number of Americans will continue to believe that there was something underhanded going on or that somehow they were robbed,” said Purdue University Political Science Professor James McCann.

He said people will believe this even if the investigation doesn’t uncover any evidence of fraud because President Donald Trump has made these claims before the investigation could prove it.

“That tarnishes the norms of fair play and it can undercut our appreciation of democracy,” said McCann. “It certainly makes the United States look like an odd duck in the eyes of much of the world.”

McCann said voters shouldn’t assume before getting the facts.

“The claims right now, absent evidence, would have to be interpreted as frivolous,” said McCann.

Indiana Republicans have spoken in support of looking into potential fraud in other states.

Attorney General-Elect Todd Rokita tweeted, “As Indiana’s former Chief Elections official and Attorney General-Elect, I know sunlight is the best form of disinfectant. State officials in key battlegrounds must be fully transparent and allow only LEGAL votes to be counted. @realDonaldTrump and our nation deserves fairness.”

Indiana U.S. Sen. Mike Braun also tweeted in favor of Trump’s actions saying, “President @realDonaldTrump is right to hold states and local officials accountable to their own laws and make sure all legal ballots are counted. Fraudulent votes disenfranchise legal voters. We should all want a result that is fair and can be trusted by the American people.”

Indiana U.S. Sen. Todd Young sent a statement saying, “Elections are an essential component of the American experiment, and I trust in the process. I urge patience as all legally cast votes are tallied. Every legally cast vote will be counted, the rule of law will be upheld, and we will accept the final result.” 

In an interview earlier this week with reporter Kayla Sullivan he added, “We want to make sure that every vote is counted, we certainly want to be vigilant in respect to any legal improprieties that occur.”

Democratic Indiana Congressman Andre Carson said the President’s claims of fraud are baseless.

“Now he wants to insult the voters and their intelligence,” said U.S. Rep. Carson. “So, he’s just being inconsistent and theatrical and I think it’s unfortunate.”

McCann said he believes in the nation’s laws upholding election integrity. He estimates Americans will get the truth of any potential fraud by early next week.

“It would make sense for us all to be patient and to trust in the mechanisms that are in place,” said McCann.

We reached out to Attorney General-elect Todd Rokita and U.S. Sen. Mike Braun to learn more about their tweets regarding the President’s claims but neither were able to answer our questions Friday.

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