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INDIANAPOLIS – Several members of Indiana’s congressional delegation are rallying behind Director of National Intelligence and former Indiana senator Dan Coats, whose tenure as DNI may be coming to a close, according to several recent reports suggesting President Trump has grown frustrated with Coats in that role. In the video above, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) share their thoughts on Coats and his role in the Trump administration. “It would be a terrible move by the president to get rid of Dan Coats,” said Banks. “He’s been a loyal adviser and member of this administration since day one. And I understand there might be frustrations here or there along the way, but Dan Coats has served this president well.” “Director Coats is an honorable person, an honorable human being,” said Carson. “He’s a good Hoosier. I think it would be unfortunate. It’s not unusual for someone like Coats who has served as a legislator to have a different viewpoint. He served on the Senate intel committee and I think that his lens is one that’s steep in knowledge and public service. I think he’s outspoken enough. You want your intel directors to be outspoken, and I think Trump seems at unease to have a director give him contradictory information that goes against his personal beliefs.” Rep. Susan Brooks also issued a statement calling the possibility of Coats’ departure ‘worrisome’. In the video below, IN Focus panelists Tony Samuel, Christina Hale, Mike Murphy and Jennifer Wagner discuss this latest reports on Coats and address the growing speculation about his position in the administration.