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WASHINGTON – Indiana’s congressional delegation is reacting to the nationwide protests that have ensued after George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) told Washington correspondent Trevor Shirley that he isn’t surprised by the intensity of the protests.

“What I’d like to see come out of this is that more elected officials will listen to those who have expressed themselves,” said Carson.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) says much of the change demonstrators want should start locally.

“I’m throwing the challenge out there to law enforcement across the country to look at your procedures, your protocols so that this doesn’t keep repeating itself,” said Braun.

And as for the President Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis?

“I was glad that the President came out and cited that the underlying event was horrific,” said Braun, though he disagreed with President Trump’s threat to use active military to stop protestors.

“What you use in terms of law enforcement, I think it should be at the local, state level, the National Guard if you need it and not beyond it,” said Braun.

Rep. Banks believes the coronavirus and shuttered economy have added to the intensity of the protests.

“It’s made this situation far more difficult than it would have been otherwise,” Banks insisted, while calling for churches and workplaces to open.

In a statement, Banks also said President Trump’s walk to a church near the White House with a Bible in hand after demonstrators were cleared by force was “one of the best and most inspiring moments of this presidency.”

Carson disagreed.

“You could have put a comic book in his hand and he probably wouldn’t have known the difference, and I think that he’s so concerned about symbols, he’s lacking the substance that’s needed to bring about real change,” said Carson.