IN Focus: Brooks on new Congress, government shutdown

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INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss the ongoing government shutdown and the new Congress taking office this past week, with Democrats now in control of the House of Representatives.

“I don’t know that the president will get all the money that he’s hoping for on the border, but I do believe it’s very important that we get some funding for the border,” said Brooks.  “I think it needs to be a huge number of things in that border funding, which includes more barriers – whether that is a wall, whether that is a fence, I do believe that some barriers are important in certain parts of the border. Barriers won’t work in all parts of the border, but we also need more technology, we need more people.”

Brooks also talked about the new dynamics in Congress, with House Democrats poised to investigate the President and his associates, with some Democrats now boldly talking about the possibility of impeachment proceedings.

“Impeachment talk is really completely premature. I think we need to see a swift conclusion to the Mueller investigation and then we will see if anything comes from the Mueller investigation relative to crimes committed by the President of the United States,” said Brooks. “To date, I don’t believe that from what we’re hearing – that there is nothing that is pointing to that being an end result of that report.”

Brooks was elected to a fourth term in Congress in November.


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